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5 Wedding Flower Money Saving Tips

Seasonal flowers and monotone colourway
Seasonal Flowers and monotone colourway

Wedding flowers make the day come alive, so how do you have them and save money?  Here’s our 5 money saving tips for wedding flowers.

Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip Number 1:

Cut out the delivery charge

You can save big if you give the job to a trusted friend, or someone who wants to be involved and help out on the day.  Your bridal bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, floral crowns and function flowers can be expertly packaged so that you can collect them and take them to the bride and venue.

Wedding Flowers Packaged
Wedding Flowers packaged

Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip number 2:

Re-use Bridal Party Bouquets

Bridal Party flowers can be re-purposed into table arrangements. You and your guests can enjoy looking at your beautiful bouquets during the post-ceremony party.  It’s a win-win!

Wedding Flowers re-purposed
Wedding Flowers re-purposed

Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip Number 3:

Function room set-up

Assemble your bridal party, get creative and have fun arranging flowers and foliages. Do this the day before, so all you need to do is place the flowers on the table on the wedding day.  Assign the task of setting the tables with your arrangements to a family or friend who wants to contribute to the day.

Table Flowers
Table Flowers

Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip Number 4:

Be savvy when choosing flowers and foliages

The real secret to saving big is to choose flowers that are in season.  Go for more foliages than flowers.  And choose monotone over multi-tone, which means go all white or all pink flowers.  Select a flower and carry that through from the bouquet, to the ceremony and party. Keeping it simple is the key to cutting the cost of your Wedding Flower budget.

Gypsophila Bridal Bouquet
Gypsophila Bridal Bouquet

Mega Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip Number 5:

Trust your Wedding Flower Stylist

Trusting your Wedding Flower Stylist is going to save you lots of money.  Believe me, if they are wedding florist professionals, they know how to save money. Tell them up front how much money you have to spend.  Give creative licence to the Wedding Flower Stylist.  Discuss colours and styles, choose seasonal flowers and foliages that are locally grown.  A great Wedding Flower Stylist will learn what you want and help you achieve the look you want.

Hermina Bevilacqua
Hermina Bevilacqua, Owner
Camberwell Florist

Most couples plan on getting married once and just want to do it right without spending over the top.  Call 9813 1916 or email us [email protected] today to discuss how you can get the flowers you want within your budget.