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Flower images and news about blooms and foliages in season.  Be informed about celebration flowers.

Christmas Flowers latest florist choice

By adminew | December 22, 2009

Here are some arrangements that went out the door this week.Firstly, these large headed white garden roses were teamed up with blue spruce and wrapped in white and silver. Gorgeous!!Quick pic taken here before happy customer took these away – two bunches of white oriental lillies with snowball foliage. Nice!Here arranged in a glass vase we have white large headed garden rose, bouvardia (scented), white hydrangea and blue spruce.Fresh wreath to be placed on a table with a hurricane lamp and scented candle.Table centre featuring Christmas Lily, foliage and candy striped ribbon.These arrangements are a sample of what’s in store. Flowers come in fresh on a daily basis. Give us a call to see what’s in. We’re happy to let you know what looking great at the moment and what it will look amazing with. Deliveries are easy to arrange too. Ph: 9813 1916

Fresh Flower Christmas Wreaths

By adminew | December 20, 2009

Hung on a picture rail in the hallway entrance or on the front door, these Christmas wreaths are a lush decorative feature for the festive season. This one features peony flower and foliage with silver suede and finished off with turquoise satin bow. This wreath is decorated with spruce, hydrangea and handcrafted bows made from black/white grossgrain ribbon. Using flowers of the day we can create a wreath that will suite and enhance your home and decorations.

Deck the house with Flowers

By adminew | December 20, 2009

Firstly, thank you to our client for allowing us into their home to help decorate the interior for their Christmas Party. We know Bec is a talented florist, however we did not expect such exquisite creativity and attention to detail which blew us away. The client was equally impressed. The house, to start with, is absolutely beautiful. But now, with these gorgeous flowers, it looks amazing. Enjoy these pics. In the entrance hall, a vase arrangement consisting of oriental lily, velvet flocked twisted willow, conifer foliage, silver suede and green hydrangea. Vase trimmed with silver satin bow. Dining room three fishbowl vases consisting of white oriental lily and spray rose, flowering chestnut foliage, silver suede. (vases supplied by florist). Large urn arrangement includes velvet flock magnolia branches, vibernum berry and spruce. (client’s urn) Hurricane lamp sits inside fresh wreath with white oriental lily hydrangea and spray rose, spruce, viburnum berry…

Christmas Flowers

By adminew | December 20, 2009

Roses, Spruce and Blackberries in white ceramic container.We’ve nicknamed this one “Raspberry Ripple”. Hydrangea, Viburnum Berry in white square ceramic container . Hydrangea, Roses and Spruce featuring hand crafted bow from grossgrain ribbon. Includes moss green ceramic container. White and green Roses with Silver Suede and Spruce in glass vase trimmed with satin silver ribbon. White Oriental Lily and Trachelium, red Freesia and Spruce in glass vase finished off in red net and white china cord.

Rose and Ky Flower Bouquet

By adminew | December 17, 2009

With this bouquet, Ky shoots from the middle up and are surrounded by these gorgeous deep porcelain pink roses.

Bouquet of Roses, Hydrangea & Trachelium

By adminew | December 17, 2009

Blue, cool tones and soft yet textural style – kind of dreamy. We like.

Bouquet of Calla Lilly, Eremurus, Trachelium

By adminew | December 17, 2009

Not the usual rose bouquet yet the flower combination is soft and quite delicious. We love this one! Eremurus is also called the foxtail lilly.

Red velvet branches – wow!!

By adminew | December 16, 2009

Ok … you know I like to take a good picture and these branches do look pretty awesome here, but you really need to come in and take a look and feel these velvet flocked branches. Clients asked how do we get them to look so amazing. Well, I have to say, it is a trade secret. The elves do work very hard in the back room to make these branches an absolute knockout. Ok, I think I’ve raved enough about the branches. Did I mentioned we also have velved flocked fat pine cones? Must show you a pick … soon!!! Cheers for now.

Classic White

By adminew | December 16, 2009

To congratulate a new mum on the arrival of her baby girl. Clients are proud grandparents. “A little ray of sunshine has come into the world.A little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl”. This bouquet was a pleasure to make for the reason of the giving. Consisting of roses, mini agapanthas and bouvardia.

Hydrangea, Roses, Bouvardia

By adminew | December 16, 2009

Picture taken of this bouquet whilst in the arms of a client before leaving the store (thank you!!) We love these cool, crisp colours wrapped with complimentary chocolate embossed paper. All happy – client, florist and photographer!!

Bush Roses .. amazing! Take a look

By adminew | December 16, 2009

Make an impact using our specialty papers and fine satin ribbon. Bush roses are grown under cover outside rather than the climate controlled commercially grown cousin variety. These are what the old fashion rose looked like – heavy, heady scent; thick and sturdy stems (with massive thorns – ouch! – which we very carefully remove) and lush glossy leaves. Photos feature two bunches (30 stems) of mixed colours. Because of their limited supply, our regular clients know when they come in and snap them up. They are not on display for long. We are extremely fortunate that this cut rose grower has a passion for quality.

For Marina, roses and berries

By adminew | December 16, 2009

Really enjoyed making this festive bouquet for client’s mother for Christmas. It is a variation on the variegated rose with yellow roses and hypericum featured in earlier post. We’ve added some sparkle with silver sheer paper and matching satin bow. Presented very beautifully and photographed nicely, too. Message written on gorgeous hand made card. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create this one.

Peace and Joy to you all

By adminew | December 8, 2009

Christmas … a time for giving and receiving, but also a time to seek peace and joy. So this year we have stripped away the shimmer of tinsel and baubles and focussed on what Christmas really is about. Our shop Christmas decorations have the essence of simplicity and craftsmanship. The wreaths have been fashioned out of twisted willow, reindeer bush & dodda vine. Hearts made from paper and dried lotus leaf. Flowers handcrafted with handmade rice paper. And in the centre our focus on Peace and Joy suspended with navy and white grossgrain ribbon. Simple, earthy, organic. Poinsettia now in abundance in store. Two colours and three sizes available – small, medium and large. Living gifts that have a lovely show of red leaves for about 3 months. The white poinsettia has been set in a birch log. These logs are versatile and very popular as a decorative feature. See…

Hey Lisa (NZ), this one is for you

By adminew | December 8, 2009

Here are some photos of the flowers delivered last week. Tried to set this up earlier but it has been really busy now that we are leading up to Christmas. Hope you enjoy these pics. Keep checking out the blog. We have some very exciting make-up work using textural foliage and flowers. Cheerio

Flowers on Trend

By adminew | November 26, 2009

Fit for a Bride.. some of today’s deliveries showcasing brilliant whites, creams and greens. Hydrangea, fragrant garden roses and classic scented bouvardia. Palest pink David Austin roses with lotus pod, raspberries and hosta leaves. Mmmm!

Peony Wedding Flowers

By adminew | November 22, 2009

November is a wonderful time of the year for a wedding. It’s the only time of the year Peonies are in bloom (in Australia, that is). These bouquets are simple elegance. Enjoy the blooms.

It’s all about the flowers

By adminew | November 3, 2009

Firstly, thank you for your interest in our flower blog. It has been very exciting to present the range of flowers that come in and go out from week to week. For those who can’t come in, here are some pics of the shop taken last Thursday. It was an amazing display – a show stopper for all who wandered through. The sights and scents delighted all, including ourselves. It is such a pleasure to arrange flowers for gifts or home when they so fresh and there are so many to choose from. These Phalenopsis Orchids plants have been popular for home decorating. Apart from looking great, they are very easy to maintain (water once a week) and the blooms last for about 6 weeks. They look great in one of these black ceramic pots. Or get creative and arrange them in a fish bowl vase, lined with green moss…

Peony or Rose???

By adminew | October 27, 2009

Although often referred to as a Peony Rose, this majestic bloom is not actually a member of the rose family. Peony has been in existence for centuries. It is native to southern Europe, Asia and Northern America. It was named after Paeon, a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Along with plum blossom, it is a traditional floral symbol of Mongolia. It is also known as the “flower of riches and honour” and is used symbolically in Chinese Art. In 1903 Qing Dynasty declared the Peony as the national flower of Imperial China. So Peony has quite a history, and deservedly so, for it is a magnificent flower. Enjoy now. They will be in season for about 6 weeks, till the end of November.

Rose, Peony & Lilac

By adminew | October 26, 2009

We are definitely spoilt for choice at the moment. Which is most favoured? It’s hard to choose. Peonies have just begun. They look amazing combined here with roses and hydrangea foliage. We will feature Peonies in future editions when they are in plentiful supply. Captured this image just as this stunning vase arrangement was being whisked away to a very lucky and deserving recipient. Combining these big headed roses with lilac was florist’s choice.

Just some floral fun

By adminew | October 20, 2009

Came across these classic pre-loved pieces at a car boot sale and immediately the imagination went to work on having some floral fun with them. You will find it on display this week.Flowers can look great in just about anything. In the end, it’s all about the pleasure in the flowers.


Read all our latest news and view flower arrangements from weddings and special events we've catered for around Melbourne and Victoria.

Wedding Flower Consultations save time and money

By Hermina Bevilacqua | September 3, 2017

Wedding flower consultations with a professional Wedding Flower Stylist will save you time and money on your wedding flowers, even from the first meeting. First step to saving time and money on your wedding flowers is to be prepared for the wedding flower consultation. The Wedding Flower Stylist will ask you for information about your wedding before the meeting by asking you to complete pre-consultation form.   Getting the completed form back to your Wedding Flower Stylist ensures you get the most out of the session.  The more detail the better as this will create a visual of you as a couple, and help with how flowers will reflect your personality and the style you are wanting to achieve. Some details you need to give your Wedding Flower Stylist before meeting up: Date, time of wedding because some flowers are only available in some seasons.  For example, Lily of the…

5 Wedding Flower Money Saving Tips

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 28, 2017

Wedding flowers make the day come alive, so how do you have them and save money?  Here’s our 5 money saving tips for wedding flowers. Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip Number 1: Cut out the delivery charge You can save big if you give the job to a trusted friend, or someone who wants to be involved and help out on the day.  Your bridal bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, floral crowns and function flowers can be expertly packaged so that you can collect them and take them to the bride and venue. Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip number 2: Re-use Bridal Party Bouquets Bridal Party flowers can be re-purposed into table arrangements. You and your guests can enjoy looking at your beautiful bouquets during the post-ceremony party.  It’s a win-win! Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip Number 3: Function room set-up Assemble your bridal party, get creative and have fun arranging flowers…

Fresh Wedding Flowers vs Faux Wedding Flowers

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 23, 2017

Not sure whether to have fresh wedding flowers or faux for your special day?  Making a decision depends on a variety of factors. But before I get into this discussion I wanted to share with you my experience at the July Melbourne and Honeymoon Bridal Expo.  Our stand featured fresh wedding flowers only.  On display there were around 8 different bridal bouquet styles, with matching groom buttonholes, flower girls head circlets and floral crowns.  Couples visiting approached with curiosity, using phrases like, “are these real?”, “are they fresh?”, “are the flowers faux?”. Once they picked up and held the bouquet of their choice it was clear to see they were excited by the opportunity to feel what it would be like to carry a fresh flower wedding bouquet or wear a buttonhole. I was intrigued by their questions, which leads me to ask why a Bride would choose fresh or…

Top 5 Bridal Bouquet Styles to suit all Brides-to-be

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 16, 2017

There are a variety of bridal bouquet styles, depending on the shape, types of blooms, their colours and textures. Bridal bouquets are a reflection of the person who will carry the bouquet. The bridal bouquet completes the look.  When a bouquet is created for a Bride, Camberwell Florist’s wedding flower designers will have learned from the Bride what style of bridal bouquet she feels most comfortable and confident with, and will love to carry throughout the day. It is in the photos that the Bride’s flowers, gown and hair style will be admired in the days and years after wedding day. We want to make sure it all looks perfectly the way you want it to be. Below we have outlined today’s top five bridal bouquet styles.  Let us know what is your favourite style and why. #5 Hand tied stems kept long The bridal bouquet looks as if the bride…

Traditional English White Flower Bridal Bouquet

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 10, 2017

Model and actress Georgina Wilson chose a Traditional English bride look complete with a white and green bridal bouquet and gold tiara. The bridal bouquet is classic in style with flowers and foliage cascading, but with a contemporary twist in that the arrangement is relaxed and slightly deconstructed.  It compliments the hair, tiara and veil.  The bridal gown is designed and made for Georgina by Monique Lhuillier.  Having anything custom made for your wedding day just makes the planning process so much exciting.  Discussing your wedding ideas and dreams about how you want your bridal bouquet or gown to look creates anticipation for it all coming together for your wedding day.  Camberwell Florist creates bespoke bridal bouquets that fit perfectly with you and your style.  Combined with our knowledge of flowers, 25 years of experience in events styling, skill in creating all styles of bridal bouquets (and there are so…

Melbourne Bridal and Honeymoon Expo

By Hermina Bevilacqua | July 21, 2017
Melbourne Bridal Expo

We have two free tickets to give away to the Bridal and Honeymoon Expo this Sunday. Phone 98131916 to claim. Bridal Expos AustraliaMelbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

Melbourne Bridal & Honeymoon Expo

By Hermina Bevilacqua | July 12, 2017
Wedding Flowers - Mel and Brad

Plan the perfect wedding at the Melbourne Bridal & Honeymoon Expo at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Sun 23 July. Visit us at Stand 24 where you will get the full bridal flower experience. We would love to see you, so we are giving away 4 admission tickets. Email your name, wedding date and mobile number to [email protected]

Joyful Flowers

By Hermina Bevilacqua | April 21, 2017
Joyful flowers

So grateful to share these words from Timothy. Love it when flowers can uplift a mood, bring joy to life – “Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for for such a staggeringly beautiful burst of colour and happiness. Julie was absolutely stunned by the flowers. She’s never seen such a large bouquet and happy colours. And the smells! Thanks again, Hermina”

Brides bouquet

By Hermina Bevilacqua | March 27, 2017
Brides bouquet

Lush forest setting. Stunning Bride, Rose. And that bouquet. Perfection.

Wedding flowers compliment the look perfectly

By Hermina Bevilacqua | March 13, 2017
Wedding flowers compliment the look perfectly

Stunning Bride and Maids. We love how the flowers compliment the elegant look the Bride wanted. When consulting about wedding flowers we ask questions about the the bride’s gown, what the bride’s maids will be wearing, the fabric, colour and many more questions so that the flowers are a perfect fit for the wedding day.

Happy Customers

By Hermina Bevilacqua | March 7, 2017
Fresh Flowers

Grateful to be able to share with you a thank you note from one of our very dear customers. At the end of the day it’s doing what you love, and giving you our best every day. Dear Hermina, Thank you very much for the exquisite floral arrangement for our Auditorium and the bouquet of flowers for our International Women’s Day breakfast. The recipients were thrilled with their flowers especially Susan with the pink roses which are her favourite. Hermina, thank you, once again, for accommodating our request for an early delivery this morning and the gorgeous arrangements. Kind regards Maria

Wedding Ceremonies…

By Hermina Bevilacqua | March 6, 2017
Wedding Ceremonies

More and more Brides ask about flower walls, flower arbours and flower ceiling installations. Nothing is more beautiful than fresh flowers and foliages to create a dramatic scene for the bride and groom to declare their love in front of. These installations set the scene for the wedding day. Family and friends really feel they are part of something very special. Flower walls and flower ceiling installations look great either in your favourite restaurant or garden, even at home. Camberwell Florist has created for many bridal couples flower arches, flower walls, and flower ceiling installations and each one is tailored to the look you are wanting to create. Camberwell Florist flower designers travel both local and the outer winery regions like Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. Contact Camberwell Florist to discuss your ideas with one of our senior wedding flower designers.


By Hermina Bevilacqua | February 28, 2017

Big Summery Bunches

Crown fit for a….

By Hermina Bevilacqua | February 28, 2017
flower crown

…. Bride-to-be.

A wedding is

By Hermina Bevilacqua | February 28, 2017
Mel and Brad Wedding

A declaration of love, a celebration with family and friends. Making dreams come to life.

Flowers as far as the eye can see ….

By Hermina Bevilacqua | February 28, 2017
Camberwell Florist

Indulge your senses.

Home, Heart and Soul of fresh flowers since 1992

By Hermina Bevilacqua | February 28, 2017
Home, Heart and Soul of fresh flowers since 1992

From all us, we welcome you to Camberwell Market Florist. You dream it, we create it.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

By Hermina Bevilacqua | January 11, 2017
Valentines day roses

Beautiful designs from box arrangements to bouquets. Love’s inspiration is fresh flowers, even William Shakespeare compared love to a rose What is in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet. Romeo and Juliet Using the best florist quality roses we create the most beautiful designs and hand deliver to your loved one. Phone Camberwell Market Florist now to place your order 9813 1916 or email your order [email protected] Our professional flower buyer personally selects all the flowers that are displayed in the store. We guarantee ultimate quality and beautiful designs that will make her or his day!

Christmas Gift Ideas at Camberwell Florist

By Hermina Bevilacqua | November 30, 2016
Camberwell Florist Christmas gifts

Gorgeous Christmas Gift Ideas in store at Camberwell Florist, located in Camberwell Fresh Food Market. Choose from soy wax candles, soaps, body lotion and handwash. Camberwell Florist famous denim aprons with cross over straps which make the apron comfortable to wear all day. Superb tasting chocolate paired up with fantastic local wine. Give or grow heritage edible flower seeds. Florist gift hamper includes terracotta pot, seeds florist scissors, stem stripper, handwash and body lotion. Camberwell Florist delivers Melbourne Wide. Phone 9813 1916 Ask us to create a fresh spruce wreath to decorate a table or hang on the front door. Knotted jungle vine wreaths have a natural, earthy feel. Add candles and pine cones for a woodland feel. Phone 9813 1916 Camberwell Florist delivers Melbourne wide

Christmas Bouquets to give this Christmas

By Hermina Bevilacqua | November 30, 2016
Christmas lily spruce

Beautiful fresh Christmas Lillies and lush green Spruce bouquet presented in Camberwell Florist signature style gift wrapped finished with lux grosgrain ribbon. Perfect Christmas gift. Camberwell Florist delivers Melbourne wide. Add red roses to the Christmas bouquet for a pop of colour. Ask about other flowers available from Camberwell Florist’s extensive selection. Camberwell Florist will design a bouquet to your style.