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Heralding the arrival of Violets

Violets are gorgeous seasonal flowers which are in bloom right now.  Ladies are lining up to breathe in their heavenly scent.  This pic features a large posy of Violets constructed from 7 bunches of blooms surrounded by Violet leaves.
Violets were then impeccably presented to client in white embossed textured paper and lux violet satin bow.
Violets have been cultivated and used in cooking and medicine for thousands of years.  Grown in gardens as an attractive ground cover, they come white, blue, purple and rarely, yellow colour varieties.
Violet flowers and leaves are often used as garnishes in chilled soups and for a festive touch in punches.  The petals can be candied and used to garnish cakes, fruits and pastries.
To make candied Violet flowers, get a large bunch and let dry on a paper towel for a couple of hours.  Beat an egg hite to a froth, and colour it with food colouring, if desired.  Using a fine brush, carefully coat each flower with egg white, then pour fine sugar over each.  Blend the sugar in your blender to make a finer consistency, if desired.  Lay each flower on wax paper to dry, then use as decoration for your confections when the flowers are stiff enough to move.
Violet water is made by steeping leaves and flowers in water until it becomes fragrant.  The water can then be used in teas and in puddings and for flavouring ice cubes.
These gorgeous blooms are snapped up as soon as they arrive in the store.  To secure yours, call us on 9813 1916.  Enjoying fresh blooms … we love them!!