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It’s all about the flowers

Firstly, thank you for your interest in our flower blog. It has been very exciting to present the range of flowers that come in and go out from week to week. For those who can’t come in, here are some pics of the shop taken last Thursday. It was an amazing display – a show stopper for all who wandered through. The sights and scents delighted all, including ourselves.

It is such a pleasure to arrange flowers for gifts or home when they so fresh and there are so many to choose from.

These Phalenopsis Orchids plants have been popular for home decorating. Apart from looking great, they are very easy to maintain (water once a week) and the blooms last for about 6 weeks. They look great in one of these black ceramic pots. Or get creative and arrange them in a fish bowl vase, lined with green moss and sit it inside. The end result is very stylish.

Peony season has just begun. When this pic was taken they were still in bud. It’s surprising to see how they quadriple in size as they bloom. Peony come in a huge variety of colours. Commercially grown colours, you will see white, pink, coral and dark raspberry (known as Buck Eye Bell).

A gorgeous display of tropical flowers and some of the roses in stock. In the centre you will see yellow Calla Lily. These are the first of the season. A long lasting flower, it is easy to maintain. Calla Lily have soft, fleshy stems, so keep the water level low to prevent stems from going mushy and prolong vase life.

Captured this image – bouquet in final stages of construction. Amazing combination of Lilac, Roses and Hydrangea Foliage.

You can tell we love working with Lilac. It’s such a beautiful flower to work with and the flowering season is short. This bouquet is made with Roses, Sweet Pea, and, of course, Lilac.Unfortunately, as the Lilac is a blossom from the Lilac tree, this will be the last we will see of this flower until next year.Until next week, enjoy the view!