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Top 5 Bridal Bouquet Styles to suit all Brides-to-be

There are a variety of bridal bouquet styles, depending on the shape, types of blooms, their colours and textures. Bridal bouquets are a reflection of the person who will carry the bouquet. The bridal bouquet completes the look.  When a bouquet is created for a Bride, Camberwell Florist’s wedding flower designers will have learned from the Bride what style of bridal bouquet she feels most comfortable and confident with, and will love to carry throughout the day. It is in the photos that the Bride’s flowers, gown and hair style will be admired in the days and years after wedding day. We want to make sure it all looks perfectly the way you want it to be.

Below we have outlined today’s top five bridal bouquet styles.  Let us know what is your favourite style and why.

#5 Hand tied stems kept long

The bridal bouquet looks as if the bride has hand picked flowers from the garden, choosing mixed textures and tones.  This type of bouquet is ideal for rustic style weddings.

Long stem garden picked bridal bouquet
Long stem garden picked Bridal Bouquet. Pic: Erin & Tara

#4 Classic white rose dome shaped Bridal Bouquet

Domed bouquets are exaggerated in their height vertically.  They are perfect for formal and traditional style weddings.

bridal bouquet
Classic domed white rose bridal bouquet

#3  Classic Round Bridal Posy

This classic shape is in vogue from generation to generation.  Think Grace Kelly’s Lily of the Valley Bridal Bouquet (married 1956), to Miranda Kerr’s bouquet (married 2016).  Round bouquets often use one flower type, like Roses, Peonies or Gypsophila.  The simple floral design compliments perfectly when the Bride’s gown is heavily detailed. You want to keep the flowers simple to avoid the gown and flowers competing with each other.

Gypsophila Bridal Bouquet
Gypsophila Bridal Bouquet. Pic: Splash

#2  Large Boho width style Bridal Bouquet

Using textual foliage and rich tones, this bouquet is complimented by bespoke Roman style floral head pieces.  The gentle arch of Eucalyptus Silver Dollar creates a horizontal flow across the Bride which draws the eye to the Bride, the bouquet and then the head pieces. Magenta and pink roses offer beautiful balance and just the right pop of colour.

Boho Bridal Bouquet
Boho Bridal Bouquet. Pic: Cinzia Bruschini

# 1  Constructed loose or relaxed Bridal Bouquet

The Number One Bridal Bouquet makes a strong statement exuding a touch of opulence due to it’s size and use of heirloom garden flowers and foliages, like beautiful Roses, which are paired up with wildflowers.  Earthy textures are provided by Australian Natives. The colour palette is predominantly complimentary with, perhaps, a tiny splash of contrasting colour.  This vertically cascading bouquet is perfect for a lush garden style wedding celebration.

Loose garden style bridal bouquet
Loose garden style bridal bouquet