Chocolate Box 172gr


Chocolate Box 172gr is Ferrero Rocher chocolate box containing three chocolate varieties – dark, milk and white chocolate.  Each chocolate has a crunchy hard shell with soft praline chocolate inside and in the centre is a crunchy hazelnut.  This tempting combination of chocolate and nuts makes it hard to stop at just one chocolate.  You want to try each one!  And that’s why it’s one of the most popular chocolates around the world.  Ferrero Collection is a great choice to add to a flower bouquet gift.  We have carefully selected these chocolates, along with a small selection of French Champagne’s for you to choose from, so you can make a thoughtful and memorable gift.



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  • Local delivery: orders must be placed by 3pm
  • Outside of local area or for an office address: orders must be placed by 12midday


Flowers are a gift from Nature.  They are a living thing and need to be taken care of for them to last.  Some species are more robust and others are fragile, hence you may experience some flowers that last longer and others for less.  To some extent we have no control on how long flowers last.  We stock the freshest flowers available.  We take every care to ensure the flowers you have purchased are in tip top condition.  We advise you how to take care of the flowers and care instructions are affixed to the bunch at the time of purchase.

When flowers are out of water for some time they dehydrate.  It is your responsibility to care for the flowers and ensure they receive the proper treatment.

There are many reasons why your flowers have not lasted.  The three main reasons are:

  • The stems have not been freshly cut before placing in vase water
  • The flowers are placed in full sun
  • The flowers are placed where air is blowing on them from air-conditioning or heating, or draughts in hallway.

We do not provide a refund if you come into the store to tell us the flowers did not last.

We will require the flowers to be returned to the store, or an image of the flowers to be sent to us as proof of purchase via email – [email protected]

If there are one or two stems from the bunch that have not lasted, we may replace these one or two stems, and not the whole bunch.

This Returns and Refunds policy is part of our full Terms and Conditions that you can view here.