Show you care with fresh flowers this Festive Season

By Hermina Bevilacqua | December 14, 2020

The festive season is typically the time of the year where we want to give to show we care and appreciate those near and dear to us. Sending fresh flowers is sure to make their day. I can’t think of anyone who would not love to receive flowers! Send a bunch to a team mate or colleague. Or we can make a bouquet with a selection of flowers of your choosing. You get to choose what you want to send, and the flowers are made just for you. Camberwell Florist has a fantastic selection of flowers, so you can be sure that we will have something that they will love. Our flowers are freshly sourced by our buyer who has 30 years experience. Being part of the local grower network means he knows about the quality and variety of flowers grown. And he always chooses the best. This way you …

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Christmas Poinsettia Plants

By Hermina Bevilacqua | December 2, 2020

How to choose and care your Poinsettia Plant With their vibrant red leaves, Poinsettia are the classic houseplant at Christmas. When planning on decorating your home, Poinsettia are a great way to add a splash of colour. Thinking of giving? Poinsettia are cheerful way to celebrate Christmas and show them that you care and appreciate them. When choosing a plant, be sure to notice the red leaves are a bright red colour and the under leaves deep dark green. Check the flowers (located in the centre of the red leaf branches (called bracts) are tightly closed and not shedding pollen. There are many Poinsettia varieties for you to choose from. The classic is red, however you can also find pink and white varieties in store at Camberwell Florist. Poinsettia Plant Care Poinsettia are pretty easy to care for. Follow these tips and you will enjoy your plant well beyond they …

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Easy Care House Plants

By Hermina Bevilacqua | July 27, 2020

Now that we are at home more, we want to create living spaces to make us feel cosy, comfortable and vibrant. Having plants around us whilst indoors gives us a connection with nature, and living companions to nurture. The benefits are mutual. Keeping plants healthy, keeps us healthy! Here are some tips on how to keep plants healthy, the best places for your plants to live indoors, and health benefits of indoor plants. If you’re ready to start a plant family or add to your plant clan, check out our collection in the shop page. Now, let’s go and get plant happy! How to keep house plants healthy Does the habitat where the house plant lives match the plant’s characteristics? House plants thrive when you find a suitable spot for it to live. Consider these four questions about where to display your indoor plant: How much light does the indoor …

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Wedding Flower Consultations save time and money

By Hermina Bevilacqua | September 3, 2017

Wedding flower consultations with a professional Wedding Flower Stylist will save you time and money on your wedding flowers, even from the first meeting. First step to saving time and money on your wedding flowers is to be prepared for the wedding flower consultation. The Wedding Flower Stylist will ask you for information about your wedding before the meeting by asking you to complete pre-consultation form.   Getting the completed form back to your Wedding Flower Stylist ensures you get the most out of the session.  The more detail the better as this will create a visual of you as a couple, and help with how flowers will reflect your personality and the style you are wanting to achieve. Some details you need to give your Wedding Flower Stylist before meeting up: Date, time of wedding because some flowers are only available in some seasons.  For example, Lily of the …

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5 Wedding Flower Money Saving Tips

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 28, 2017

Wedding flowers make the day come alive, so how do you have them and save money?  Here’s our 5 money saving tips for wedding flowers. Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip Number 1: Cut out the delivery charge You can save big if you give the job to a trusted friend, or someone who wants to be involved and help out on the day.  Your bridal bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, floral crowns and function flowers can be expertly packaged so that you can collect them and take them to the bride and venue. Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip number 2: Re-use Bridal Party Bouquets Bridal Party flowers can be re-purposed into table arrangements. You and your guests can enjoy looking at your beautiful bouquets during the post-ceremony party.  It’s a win-win! Wedding Flower Money Saving Tip Number 3: Function room set-up Assemble your bridal party, get creative and have fun arranging flowers …

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Fresh Wedding Flowers vs Faux Wedding Flowers

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 23, 2017

Not sure whether to have fresh wedding flowers or faux for your special day?  Making a decision depends on a variety of factors. But before I get into this discussion I wanted to share with you my experience at the July Melbourne and Honeymoon Bridal Expo.  Our stand featured fresh wedding flowers only.  On display there were around 8 different bridal bouquet styles, with matching groom buttonholes, flower girls head circlets and floral crowns.  Couples visiting approached with curiosity, using phrases like, “are these real?”, “are they fresh?”, “are the flowers faux?”. Once they picked up and held the bouquet of their choice it was clear to see they were excited by the opportunity to feel what it would be like to carry a fresh flower wedding bouquet or wear a buttonhole. I was intrigued by their questions, which leads me to ask why a Bride would choose fresh or …

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Top 5 Bridal Bouquet Styles to suit all Brides-to-be

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 16, 2017

There are a variety of bridal bouquet styles, depending on the shape, types of blooms, their colours and textures. Bridal bouquets are a reflection of the person who will carry the bouquet. The bridal bouquet completes the look.  When a bouquet is created for a Bride, Camberwell Florist’s wedding flower designers will have learned from the Bride what style of bridal bouquet she feels most comfortable and confident with, and will love to carry throughout the day. It is in the photos that the Bride’s flowers, gown and hair style will be admired in the days and years after wedding day. We want to make sure it all looks perfectly the way you want it to be. Below we have outlined today’s top five bridal bouquet styles.  Let us know what is your favourite style and why. #5 Hand tied stems kept long The bridal bouquet looks as if the bride …

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Traditional English White Flower Bridal Bouquet

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 10, 2017

Model and actress Georgina Wilson chose a Traditional English bride look complete with a white and green bridal bouquet and gold tiara. The bridal bouquet is classic in style with flowers and foliage cascading, but with a contemporary twist in that the arrangement is relaxed and slightly deconstructed.  It compliments the hair, tiara and veil.  The bridal gown is designed and made for Georgina by Monique Lhuillier.  Having anything custom made for your wedding day just makes the planning process so much exciting.  Discussing your wedding ideas and dreams about how you want your bridal bouquet or gown to look creates anticipation for it all coming together for your wedding day.  Camberwell Florist creates bespoke bridal bouquets that fit perfectly with you and your style.  Combined with our knowledge of flowers, 25 years of experience in events styling, skill in creating all styles of bridal bouquets (and there are so …

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Christmas Gift Ideas at Camberwell Florist

By Hermina Bevilacqua | November 30, 2016

Gorgeous Christmas Gift Ideas in store at Camberwell Florist, located in Camberwell Fresh Food Market. Choose from soy wax candles, soaps, body lotion and handwash. Camberwell Florist famous denim aprons with cross over straps which make the apron comfortable to wear all day. Superb tasting chocolate paired up with fantastic local wine. Give or grow heritage edible flower seeds. Florist gift hamper includes terracotta pot, seeds florist scissors, stem stripper, handwash and body lotion. Camberwell Florist delivers Melbourne Wide. Phone 9813 1916 Ask us to create a fresh spruce wreath to decorate a table or hang on the front door. Knotted jungle vine wreaths have a natural, earthy feel. Add candles and pine cones for a woodland feel. Phone 9813 1916 Camberwell Florist delivers Melbourne wide

Each corsage is custom designed

By Hermina Bevilacqua | June 14, 2016
White hyacinth wrist corsage

A corsage is the perfect accessory for a girl on Formal night. When you order a corsage we will ask what colour dress she is wearing and maybe the style.  We want to make sure the corsage compliments the look she wants. For example, if she is wearing a white dress we suggest white flowers with white bracelet. Or if she is wearing a black pantsuit we would create something more dramatic like ruby red orchids on a black bracelet. We have a large selection of flowers to choose from, however we do ask that you call about 5 days before the formal to give us time to have the flowers open an in perfect condition. The bracelet is presented in a clear box, in a crisp white bag with black handles.   Call 9813 1916 or email

Love is…

By Hermina Bevilacqua | February 7, 2015

Long stem red rose bouquet an emotion you can’t control.  It overwhelms logic and common sense.  It’s a flutter of electricity running through your body.  It’s that velvety red colour. Or deep pink. It’s warm and comforting. Whatever your thoughts are of love, the time to celebrate love is this Saturday, 14 February Valentine’s Day. It’s time to do something new and different to declare your love. Show your gratitude.  Just by telling someone you appreciate who they are and what they do for you, you are likely to feel better too!! Give the right gift.  Proper choices can strengthen your relationship.  Think buying matching watches, sending or giving fresh flowers. Go out to dinner.  Try a new, different restaurant.  Go shopping together and have lunch in the botanical gardens. Talk to each other. Oh, and did I mention, give flowers!  What’s her/his favourite colour?  Make it personal.  Or choose …

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At Grossi Florentino

By Hermina Bevilacqua | February 11, 2013

A Heartful of Thanks

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 22, 2012

There are some people that you meet and instantly know they have a great heart.  As a charity, Breast Cancer Network Australia, relies on great hearts all the time! When we met Joe and Hermina we had an instant connection.  They were warm, compassionate and so very generous.  Every Monday morning our team looks forward to the door bell ringing, when a staff member from Camberwell Market Florist arrives with our weekly floral arrangement.  For an organisation that supports women after they are diagnosed with breast cancer – it is important that our office is filled with colour, love and support.  And our flowers always look beautiful, fresh and vibrant in our reception. Every week the team give of their time to provide us with the flowers as part of their partnership and support to us.  Every Melbourne function our guests tell us how beautiful the arrangements are and it …

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Royal Wedding

By Hermina Bevilacqua | September 7, 2011
royal wedding

  Prince Georg of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenbergwere married recently.    Princess Sophie carries an elegant, high domed bouquet consisting mainly of whiteroses in full bloom and in bud. A classic style that compliments thePrincess beautifully.

Royal Wedding – Catherine’s Flowers

By Hermina Bevilacqua | April 29, 2011

Gorgeous flowers, it draws on the traditions of flowersof significance for the Royal Family, the Middleton familyand on the language of flowers. The bouquet was petit, but the tiny blooms echo thedelicate lace on the bodice of the dress.  The flowerscomplimented the gown perfectly. Catherine Middleton’s wedding bouquet was a shield-shaped wired bouquet consisting of:Lily-of-the-valley symbolising return of happinessSweet William for gallantry (and a charming tribute to her husband)Hyacinth for constancy of loveIvy for fidelity, marriage, friendship and affectionMyrtle, the emblem of marriage and love.The myrtle is actually from a plant that Queen Victoria planted in 1845 and also used in Queen Elizabeth’s wedding in 1947. Bouquets carried by the little bridesmaids used the sameflowers, but the wreaths worn by the little girls echoedCatherine’s Mother’s flowers – Lily-of-the-Valley. In Australia, Lily-of-the-Valley blooms in November.The tiny white bell-shaped flowers are not onlydelicately beautiful, but they also have a sweet,heavenly scent. Their flowering …

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Winter reflections & hints of Springtime

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 11, 2010

Large Magnolia flower in pink on tall branches With this branch of Magnolia blooms we’ve added a flower constructed from dried Coccinea leaves Pink Peach Blossom Magnificent white Magnolia flower I am really feeling the crisp, cold Winter weather at the moment. Looking up I see skeletal branches of big old oak trees and beyond skies in woolly shades of grey. On my early morning walks I feel the cold of Winter, but see hints of the next season approaching – sprigs of Spring.  A crescendo of pale pink puffiness – I spy Weeping Winter Cherry – delighting my senses and lifting my heart with a promise of what’s to come. And so it is Nature who reminds me that, in the midst of the coldness, the wetness and the darkness,  Spring is not that far away. In store now we have lovely, delicate Winter blossoms in shades of white and pink. I enjoy the arrival of seasonal blooms – it …

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Creating High Style for Client’s Charity Event

By Hermina Bevilacqua | June 11, 2010

Our client offered her residence to host the Geelong Grammar Equestrian Committee charity dinner this evening.  We were invited to decorate the house with fresh flowers for the occasion.  After discussions and onsite consultations our brief was produced in response to client’s precise request, but with Camberwell Florist’s signature style-quality, classical simplicity.  Entrance Hall  was florally decorated with scented white Oriental Lilies and Magnolia Grandilflora immaculately arranged atop a tall cylinder vase.  Guests enjoy canapes in the Blue Room before moving to the Dining Room via the Conservatory where their senses are delighted by the enchanting row of Paper Whites on a marble window sill.  In the Dining Room ambience is created with a table wreath of Grandiflora Magnolia and large white Rose blooms which surround a tall pillar candle housed in a glass vase. Our client’s first impression, on completion, was intense awe at the height of beauty and perfection …

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Wrist Corsages for Formals

By Hermina Bevilacqua | June 3, 2010
White orchid wrist corsage

Here are some pics of fresh flower wrist corsages. They are beautifully presented in a clear, solid box and crisp white carry bag. Corsages can be attached to a ribbon or to an elasticised pearl bracelet. Both look lovely, however the bracelet is much easier to slip over the wrist and sits nicely. Bracelet choices are pearl, in either white or black, and encrusted diamante. Corsages can be made from many different flowers and foliage. Each flower is wired and then arranged. This ensures that that the corsage holds together . Be wary of corsages that are arranged with hot glue, as flowers may fall apart or break off the arrangement. Prices start from $45. Please see the extensive collection of designs and prices in the Corsage section of this blog. If you have a particular style and/or design you want to create, contact us to discuss by phone 9813 …

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Heralding the arrival of Violets

By Hermina Bevilacqua | May 27, 2010

Violets are gorgeous seasonal flowers which are in bloom right now.  Ladies are lining up to breathe in their heavenly scent.  This pic features a large posy of Violets constructed from 7 bunches of blooms surrounded by Violet leaves. Violets were then impeccably presented to client in white embossed textured paper and lux violet satin bow. Violets have been cultivated and used in cooking and medicine for thousands of years.  Grown in gardens as an attractive ground cover, they come white, blue, purple and rarely, yellow colour varieties. Violet flowers and leaves are often used as garnishes in chilled soups and for a festive touch in punches.  The petals can be candied and used to garnish cakes, fruits and pastries. To make candied Violet flowers, get a large bunch and let dry on a paper towel for a couple of hours.  Beat an egg hite to a froth, and colour it …

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Formals + Flowers = Corsages

By Hermina Bevilacqua | April 19, 2010

Giving and wearing corsages makes the evening special and memorable.