Green Rose Bouquet – Uber Fresh!!

By Hermina Bevilacqua | February 24, 2010

These roses took my breathe away.  I found these in the coolroom waiting for client to pick them up.  These amazing roses have been arranged into a domed bouquet.  The lush foliage you see are on the roses themselves.  Don’t need anything else because they look so good on their own. Simplicity and quality.  The only way to go. They will remain in water until client takes them away to maintain freshness.  Gift wrapping occurs just before flowers are taken.

Magnificent White David Austin Rose

By Hermina Bevilacqua | February 24, 2010

Well, you would be forgiven for thinking this is a bride’s bouquet because the roses are immaculate, but in fact they are a gorgeous gift. David Austin rose beautifully presented in glass vase which has been gift wrapped in white embossed paper and finished off with silver cord.

Fresh Flower Christmas Wreaths

By Hermina Bevilacqua | December 20, 2009

Hung on a picture rail in the hallway entrance or on the front door, these Christmas wreaths are a lush decorative feature for the festive season. This one features peony flower and foliage with silver suede and finished off with turquoise satin bow. This wreath is decorated with spruce, hydrangea and handcrafted bows made from black/white gross grain ribbon. Using flowers of the day we can create a wreath that will suite and enhance your home and decorations.

Bouquet of Roses, Hydrangea & Trachelium

By Hermina Bevilacqua | December 17, 2009

Blue, cool tones and soft yet textural style – kind of dreamy. We like.

Peace and Joy to you all

By Hermina Bevilacqua | December 8, 2009

Christmas … a time for giving and receiving, but also a time to seek peace and joy. So this year we have stripped away the shimmer of tinsel and baubles and focussed on what Christmas really is about. Our shop Christmas decorations have the essence of simplicity and craftsmanship. The wreaths have been fashioned out of twisted willow, reindeer bush & dodda vine. Hearts made from paper and dried lotus leaf. Flowers handcrafted with handmade rice paper. And in the centre our focus on Peace and Joy suspended with navy and white grossgrain ribbon. Simple, earthy, organic. Poinsettia now in abundance in store. Two colours and three sizes available – small, medium and large. Living gifts that have a lovely show of red leaves for about 3 months. The white poinsettia has been set in a birch log. These logs are versatile and very popular as a decorative feature. See …

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It’s all about the flowers

By Hermina Bevilacqua | November 3, 2009

Firstly, thank you for your interest in our flower blog. It has been very exciting to present the range of flowers that come in and go out from week to week. For those who can’t come in, here are some pics of the shop taken last Thursday. It was an amazing display – a show stopper for all who wandered through. The sights and scents delighted all, including ourselves. It is such a pleasure to arrange flowers for gifts or home when they so fresh and there are so many to choose from. These Phalenopsis Orchids plants have been popular for home decorating. Apart from looking great, they are very easy to maintain (water once a week) and the blooms last for about 6 weeks. They look great in one of these black ceramic pots. Or get creative and arrange them in a fish bowl vase, lined with green moss …

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Springtime Scentsation

By Hermina Bevilacqua | October 12, 2009

Tuesday 13 October 2009 Well, we have been busy, busy, busy!! What a floral feast we have been enjoying! Wow, Spring does put on a splendid show. We now have Lilac in shades of violet and white.Waratahs are now in full season. They look striking with these Discolour which have an almost porcelain look. Just in this week is Dogwood Blossom. Tall, elegant branches and delicate blooms bring Spring indoors. In for a short time, so now is the time to enjoy. Another lovely pic of the freshest of Lilac that’s just come in. To make Lilac last longer try splitting the stems before arranging in vase. The woody stems make it difficult to draw up water, so opening up the stems helps them drink and stay hydrated. Also in at the moment is Lily of the Valley. This small flower has the most heavenly scent. In Germany this flower …

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Flower Blog

By Hermina Bevilacqua | August 1, 2009

Welcome to the first ever Camberwell Market Florist Flower Blog. We are very excited to launch what will be a floral pictorial symphony. You will be the first to know what flowers are in now and more importantly, what’s coming in.You will learn how care for your flowers and much more.We envisage you enjoying flower blog while taking a quiet moment with a cuppa. What’s in at the moment is Blossom, a delicious hint that Spring is around the corner.Pictured here is Witch Hazel. It has wonderful herbal properties and you can find it in skin care products. We like it for it’s delicate floral perfume and it’s unusual texture. Witch Hazel lasts for about 2 weeks in the vase. We are all definitely feeling the cold touch of Winter. It allows us to rug up, slow down & reflect, just as the deciduous trees and flowers do. Roses and …

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