March 13, 2023

Best Flowers for Home Decoration – Home Styling

a bouquet created with pale pink peonies white peonies white bouvardia and white sweet pea

Flowers are great way to add personality, colour and texture to your home décor. Depending on your style and taste, different types of flowers can complement different types of homes.
Here we have put together a list of the best flowers for home decoration for a variety of home styles:

  1. Traditional Home: If you have a traditional home, then classic flowers like roses, hydrangeas, and lilies will complement your décor. Choose soft, pastel shades of these flowers to create a romantic and sophisticated look.
  2. Modern Home: For a modern home, choose flowers with a clean, minimalist aesthetic like calla lilies or orchids. These flowers come in sleek and simple shapes and can be paired with unique vases or containers to create a striking display.
  3. Coastal Home: If you have a coastal home, then bright, colourful flowers like crab claws or bird of paradise will suit your décor. These tropical flowers will create a fund and beachy vibe that will bring a touch of paradise to your home.
  4. Rustic Home: For a rustic home, choose wildflowers or flowers with a natural, organic feel like sunflowers, dahlias or waratahs. Pair them with mason jars or simple vases to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.
  5. Industrial Home: If you have an industrial home with exposed brick and concrete, then flowers like succulents, or cacti, air plants will complement your décor. These low maintenance flowers will add a touch of greenery to your space wile maintaining a sleek, modern look.
  6. Eclectic Home: For an eclectic home, mix and match different types of flowers to create a unique and colourful display. Bold statement flowers like peonies, dahlias or ranunculus can be paired with more delicate flowers like baby’s breath or ferns to create an eye-catching arrangement.
  7. Cottage Home: If you have a cosy and quaint cottage home, then flowers like roses, lilac and daffodils will fit your décor. These flowers have a soft and delicate appearance that will create a charming and inviting atmosphere.

As you can see, choosing the right type of flowers for your home can enhance your décor and create a personalized and inviting space. Next time you want to decorate your home for a special occasion, or simply just to enjoy having fresh flowers inside your home, consider your home’s style and the aesthetic you want to create.  We can help with selecting flowers to create a cohesive and beautiful display, as we have over 30 years experience in choosing seasonal flowers, foliage and branches.

If you prefer to leave it up to us, you can bring in your vases and discuss how you would like to decorate your home space with flowers and foliage.  It’s really helpful if you have images of the space you want to decorate, so that we can give you suggestions on what’s is going to look great.

You may also want to consider the type of floral arrangement you want in the space.  For example, if the flowers are going to be displayed against a wall, you’ll want to have a forward facing arrangement.  And if the flowers are going to be displayed in the centre of a table, then we can create a floral centre piece that is all round, so it will be seen from any angle in the room.

Another idea is to group cluster vases to make a flower story.  Typically we start with an odd number of vases, say three, five or seven vases, depending on how large you want to the flowers story to be.  To create a visual interest, the vases should be different heights, shapes and widths.  Next is to think about colour.  What colour scheme do you want to create?  There are so many options, for example, all white is elegant and sophisticated, or burnt oranges and reds can mimic the Autumnal season which can be really cool.  If you’re not sure, we can help you decide.

We have lots of ideas, so feel free to give us a call or send an email to [email protected] to get the ball rolling.  We look forward home decorating with you!